Checking Out Cassidy Klein

How much do you know about the stunning Cassidy Klein, beyond her long brunette locks and incredible tits? In this scene, Cassidy tells us all about her dance career. And while she doesn’t dance as often as she used to, she certainly still brings these skills to the table when it comes to fucking. Wearing a revealing bodysuit, Cassie slides her long legs into a splits position, showing off her flexibility… and her incredible ass. Then she puts her legs behind her head for a great pussy shot. As Cassidy holds the split position, Van Wylde pulls out his big, rock-hard cock and Cassidy takes it into her lovely mouth. The smoking hot duo fucks hard as Cassidy demonstrates how stretchy her body is, and how well she can handle Van’s cock – so well, in fact, that she gets him cumming all over her sweet face.

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Skye Blue Seduce My Masseur

Big natural Skye Blue has been crushing on her masseuse for a while! He’s been professional so far – keeping his hands where they’re supposed to be – but her little pussy has been soaked and aching each time, waiting for him to cross that line… Fuck! Skye decides to take things into her own hands and convinces him to come over for a late night session. She films the whole encounter as he oils and kneads her huge breasts, squeezing and massaging as she amps up her moans. If he doesn’t get the signal this time, there may be no hope for him or Skye’s eager wet pussy after all! But in the end, the message is well recevied and soon he is fucking her big tits and then her pussy and then her tits and then her pussy finally cumming all over her big funbags and pretty face!

Naughty Student Emily Willis Gets Spanked

Emily Willis has not been performing well in school so her parents hired a hard ass tutor for her. He threw all traditional education techniques out the window, bent emily over his knees, and gave her a stiff spanking with a heavy book. Emily started to only laugh and get turned on from his spanking on her sexy bare ass. This totally confuses her tutor. He takes things to the next level and began to grope her and fiddle with her pussy, and she really loves getting played with! Before long she was sucking his cock, getting impaled by his dick. She rides his cock a long time and finally lets him unload all over her face and glasses!

You gotta see the full scene, Emily Willis is one hell of a hot fucking student!

Seven In The Steam Room

Kelly loved going to the gym. The smell, the sounds — it always made her horny. She had big plans for the steam room behind the ladies locker room, and tonight was the night to put them in action.

She had been working on some of the regulars for weeks, wearing revealing leotards, bending over just the right way, catching eyes, letting her hand brush her breasts as she patted sweat from her neck. Once one of the guys seemed interested enough, she went in for the attack. Finding the right moment, when she was hot and glowing and he was grunting on a weightlifting machine, watching her out of the corner of his eye, she made her way over to him and leaned in to whisper in his ear. A time. A date. If he seemed put off, she laughed as if it were a joke. If his eyes glowed in recognition, she winked and walked away, knowing he would be there.

Her collection now included seven of these men, carefully chosen. Tonight she would reap her harvest.

She entered the gym and crossed through the lobby to the ladies locker room, found her locker and started changing her clothes. A different outfit tonight — no leotard or workout shorts this time, just a towel, and only for a moment. Lastly she pulled from her purse a small vial with clear liquid inside.

She locked everything up and headed straight for the steam room. The door had no lock but she knew that tonight was a slow night at the gym so she was unlikely to be disturbed. She hung her towel on a hook outside and entered the foggy air inside. The blue tiled floor and walls were indistinct through the thick air, and the heat was heavy in her throat. It was a large room with tiled bench areas all around the edge. On one end the bench was two levels high. From the door she couldn’t see the other side of the room through the thick mist.

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