Emma Hix is a Sexy Ass Babe

Like hotty Emily Willis, sexy Emma Hix is a hot young pornstar that is getting plenty of attention because she’s not only a really good fuck, but she’s also a totally hot babe too. This stunning blond has got a knock you dead body with long legs, sexy small firm tits, and sweet tight pussy, and a face that stops traffic. She’s all that and more, a totally hot babe who not only looks great, but fucks great too. This girl loves to get naked and loves cock, she’s the perfect combination of a stunning hot babe and naughty little nympho too!

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Cute Girl Gets Nude Massage and Much More

I love massage porn sites like Tricky Masseur because they find fresh new innocent and very amateur girls and show them a really good time. This scene has a fresh newcomer named Lottie, she comes for the massage and while she finds it a bit weird that she has to be naked, well, she’s a big innocent and doesn’t know better. Soon the massage guy is rubbing her all over, enjoying playing her her pussy and ass, and the sticks his cock into her face for a good blowjob. Then he fucks her, including using the slippery massage oil so he can fuck this little sweetie in the ass for the very first time! Awesome scene!

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Lexy Marie Big Ass and Super Sexy Legs

Sexy Lexy Marie manages to hit all of the high spots in this scene from Leg Sex. Lexy Marie has a big, full, ripe, and very sexy ass, great legs, and she’s wearing some really nice high heel shoes too, giving her even more lift on that full ass! Talk about tasty! She loves to show off her long smooth legs and sexy ass too, check out her quote:

I love nothing more than for my legs to be free. I avoid wearing pants as often as possible. Usually you’ll just see me in a dress or skirt, paired with sexy heels. I hardly ever wear stockings either. Pants and hose just feel like tiny prisons for my legs. I want to feel every sensation, like the leather of my car seat sticking to my legs whenever I drive anywhere, or the cool breeze caressing my legs as I walk. And of course, nothing turns more heads than a pair of bare, shapely legs.

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Jill Kassidy Working Out Her Sexy Ass

One thing you can be sure of, sexy ass babe Jill Kassidy hasn’t missed too many leg days at the gym! This hotty pornstar has got one hell of a sexy booty, a lovely full and curvy ass that begs for attention in every scene she is in. She’s got a pretty petite and tight body otherwise, weighs in at only 110 pounds, and I swear 25% of that has to be that sexy ass! She loves to fuck too and loves to get banged doggy style, so we always get plenty of time to enjoy her ass. This scene from Petite HD Porn has her working out in the gym in some amazing tight shorts. She ends up getting fucked by a guy while working out, it’s all sweaty sexy fun that tells us exactly how this girl keeps that ass so tight and round!

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Sexy Natali Likes It Hard In the Ass

Some girls are shy about anal fucking, some of them will only do it a little or softly or whatever. Not sexy Natalie Ruby, this horny Brunette loves to get fucked in the ass and she wants is hard in the ass with no excuses, fuck her bum as hard as you like and she will be screaming in orgasm in no time! This scene from Private has this hotty taking on a well hung stud and while she is happy with his cock in her pussy, she is the one working to move his hard rod into her back way, she wants him to fuck her ass hard and he is more than happy to oblige her! He ends up giving her an ass to mouth cumshot and her smile tells you this girl is hot for it!

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Camera Shopping Can Be Fun

My wildest day ever started with a simple errand, shop for a new camera. My boyfriend wanted to take some pictures of me while we played around, but neither of us had a digital camera. I went to our local electronics store to look around. It was a new store in a strip mall, well lite and clean.

I arrived around 10:00 in the morning; the only people in the store were the two salesclerks. Both were young and cute, one was tall slim and had the blonde surfer boy look. The other was short, black and had arms as big as my thighs. I’m 5’7″ with long straight brown hair, brown eyes, thin waist, and 36B tits.

I couldn’t decide if the blonde guy was chatting me up, or trying to sell a camera. He showed me a dozen different cameras and all the while flirting outrageously. When I told him I was confused by all the cameras he said it would be easier if we just took pictures with several of them and I could see what the pictures would look like.

He went with me to the back of the store and brought several cameras with him. Then he had me pose as he took pictures of me. Now this seemed strange, I thought I should be taking the pictures, but he was cute so I decided to let him have some fun. He soon had the first group of picture downloaded on his laptop. I came back and we looked them over. They all looked similar to me at first, but then he started pointing out the differences in color tones and shading. He asked what I would be using the camera for, people, sports, nature, ect… When I told him people, he told me that the skin tones would be very important. He said that we should take more pictures and emphasize skin tones in theses.

I was wearing a blouse unbuttoned over a camisole top, no bra, and a long denim skirt over red T back panties. I also wore my favorite mid calf black boots. He asked me if I minded taking off my blouse, since it “would give us more skin tones to look at”. I don’t mind wearing only a camisole top, but I like to have a bra on when I do. When he pleaded that it would really help me decide on which camera to buy I relented and dropped my blouse on a counter. He took pictures for several minutes; his friend had now come to the back of the store to watch too. I was getting a little turned on and my nipples which had been visible before were now looking like they would poke through my top. One of my cami straps slipped off my shoulder. When I started to push it back he told me to stop. Then I grew even bolder and slipped the other strap off. The top slipped low over my tits, but I didn’t let it fall too far.

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Hot Audrey Maxx Bent Over Showing Amazing Legs

Sometimes a hot girl bent over is about the ass, the thighs, the cheeks… but this time out Audrey Maxx helps us expand our bending over enjoyment all the way from her tight ass to her stiletto heels. This girl is awesome with super sexy legs, amazing legs really that just seem to go on and on until they come together to form a perfect pert and sexy ass. This girl is hot! This smoking hot scene from Leg Sex is awesome, in no small part to when you realize that this sexy babe is actually over 50, a retired school science teacher who knows the science of making us cum! Those legs are amazing, that ass is great, and seeing your hot teacher bending over to show it all off is just a hot fantasy all played out for you!

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