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Wife Becomes a Black Cock Slut

If my husband, Paul, had known how things were going to turn out, I don’t think he would have gotten himself into the situation he now is.

Paul and I met at college, married soon afterwards and have been together for 18 years. He is 42 and I am 41, but people tell me I look ten years younger. I guess I’m lucky in that I’m naturally slim and the little weight I have put on over the years has gone straight to my breasts, giving me a 36C 25 36 figure. I would be naïve if I didn’t admit that most of our male friends pay me particular attention at parties and quite a few have tried to feel me up in some way. Much as this has flattered me I’ve never let anything happen, but it has added spice to our lovemaking when I’ve told Paul about it.

You see, Paul is one of these guys who has always loved the idea of me with another man’s cock in me and we have frequently spiced our sex life up with fantasies of me having sex with someone else. Mostly I would imagine I was being fucked by a stud from one of the porn movies we sometimes watch, but sometimes I would tell Paul that it was one of our friends who had been paying me particular attention.

Up until a month ago these remained just as fantasies, but one night when we were making love and I was close to orgasm Paul said

“I bet you wish you were being fucked by a big cock now, don’t you?”

“Oh yes I do” I replied

“I bet you’d really like a big black cock in you. I bet you’d love it if I fixed up for you to be fucked by a big black cock wouldn’t you?” he continued “Say that you would. Gone on, say it”

The thought of being opened up by a big cock pushed me over the edge and as I came I yelled “Mmmm Oh god, I’d love it. I’d love a big cock in me!” and as I came Paul pumped into me as my cunt gripped his cock and filled me with his spunk.

Several weeks later Paul came home one night and said “I’ve a surprise for you. It’s something you’ve always wanted”

I looked round wondering what he’d bought me. “Where is it?”

“Not where is it. You mean when is it.”

“Okay. When is it?”

Paul grinned “This Saturday night”

“Oh come on Paul. Don’t keep me in suspense!”

My heart missed a beat when he replied “On Saturday Jill. You are going to be fucked by a big black cock. I’ve set it up and I’m going to film it.”

I stammered “You’ve got to be joking. I mean………you know….. These things are just fantasies.”

“Come on Jill. You’ve always liked the idea and now it’s going to happen for real. I only want you to do it just the once and we’ll have the film to watch in the future when we want to re-live it again. What harm can it do if I’m cool about it. You know I’ve always liked the idea.”

I guess I could’ve said no, but Paul was so excited and I have to confess that the thought of having sex with someone other than him, (he was only the second guy I’d ever been to bed with, and the only one in 18 years) appealed to me. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways you can do it with the same person until it becomes a bit repetitive, aren’t there.

I had so many questions to ask. ‘ Who is the man. What does he look like. How old is he. How will it happen. How did you find him?’

It turned out that Paul had contacted a local swingers club and they had put him in touch with someone called Daniel who was known for his charm, size and staying power. Paul had gotten a picture of him and I must say, I liked what I saw. He was 37 years old with handsome features and we were to meet at the local Hilton where Paul had booked a suite for the night.

As Saturday approached I found myself getting more and more turned on by the thought of what was to happen and to make the night special I went out and bought new underwear – a lacy white thong, matching lace topped hold up stockings and a half cup bra. My dress was white, low cut and very short which showed off my legs and breasts to their best advantage. When I put them all on to show Paul we were both so turned on that we had sex that night like you only have when you first meet someone – urgent and intense.

Saturday arrived and at Paul’s insistence I shaved my pussy until it was completely bald. As I looked at myself in the mirror the sight of it made me feel so sexy that I felt myself getting wet down there already. At 7pm we were met at the Hilton bar by 6’3″ of sex on legs. Daniel was gorgeous. Tall and well built without being over bulky, but dressed in black which gave him an air of mystery. He was charming to me and I quickly found that any misgivings I’d had disappeared.

When Paul went to the bar Daniel said to me “You do realise that tonight will change your life forever, don’t you?”

“How do you mean?”

“Once you’ve experienced a big black cock you’ll never want to do without after that.”

“That’s a little conceited” I replied

“Maybe. But true.” He smiled

Shortly afterwards Paul said that he was going up to the room to prepare his camera and Daniel and I were left alone.

“Do you really want your husband watching as you make love to another man Jill? I mean, he could suddenly become jealous when he sees you cumming on another man’s cock and you will always know that he is there watching which could spoil it for you.”

I thought about what he’d said “I guess you could be right, but what can we do to change that?”

“We don’t go up.” Daniel replied, “We leave here now and go to my place. I have cameras set up so Paul can still have his film, he just won’t be there to see it happen.”

“But we can’t just leave him here, can we?”

We can if I leave a message at the front desk to call Paul in half an hour that you will be back home tomorrow and not to worry.”

I thought for a minute before replying “OK. Let’s do it.”

Daniel grinned and we went to his car. Imagine my surprise when he drove us to his house which was only two streets from where we lived. His home was magnificent – eight bedrooms all with ensuite facilities, 4 of the biggest rooms I have ever seen downstairs and all set in an acre of beautiful gardens.

When we arrived Daniel poured me a drink, told me to sit and said he had a proposition for me.

“Jill. You’ve agreed to come here for a night of sex with me, so you’re obviously not here against your will are you.”

“No. Why? What are you saying?”

“How would you fancy something special to go home and tell Paul about tomorrow?”

“Like what?”

“Have you ever fancied fucking more than one man at a time?”

I was taken aback. Daniel continued “Have you ever watched a porn movie and thought you’d like to be the girl with more than one cock fucking her? Be honest”.

“Yes I have.”

“Will you do it now Jill?”

The idea of it made my mind work overtime. Was this what I wanted? How did I get into this situation? “Yes. I’ll do it.” I gasped as I felt a tightness start in my throat and work down to my pussy.

“I hoped you’d say yes” Daniel said “Let’s go up to the master bedroom and meet some of my friends.”

My legs felt like jelly as we climbed the stairs and entered a huge beautifully finished room in the middle of which was an enormous bed which had mirrors all around and above it. As we walked in Daniel called into his dressing room “OK guys. Come out and meet Jill.”

Into the room walked his friends dressed in short towelling robes. “Let me introduce these people Jill. Meet Adam, Joe, Jason, Carl, Mikey and last but not least Samuel and Stephen. And yes, before you ask, they are twins!”

‘Oh my god’ I thought ‘There are seven of them plus Daniel. Eight black men are going to fuck me tonight and I can’t do a thing to change it.’

As these thoughts went through my head Daniel stepped forward, took my face in his hands and started to gently kiss me. At the same time I felt someone undo the zip on the back of my dress and ease it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. I felt someone’s hands move up my back and undo my bra and slowly slide it down my arms until my breasts were free and I gasped as his hand caught against my hard nipples.

Daniel stopped kissing me and bent to whisper something in my ear. “OK” I said and turned to face one of the cameras in the room. “Hi Paul. This is your fantasy which is about to become my reality. I hope you still like the idea because I’m just about to let these eight big black men fuck me. Let’s have a look at them.”

Samuel and Stephen each took hold of a hand and Carl stood behind me and slowly slid my lacy thong down my legs. I stepped out of it and was left standing in only my lacy stay up stockings and high heels. I was conscious of the eyes taking in my body and particularly my shaven pussy which started to tingle as I thought of what was to come. They then walked me round the room in and out of the guys, who had now dropped their robes and were standing there big and naked. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at – eight truly well hung black men, none of whom was less than 8 inches long and very thick. I thought of Paul’s thin 6 inch dick which I had always thought of as quite big but which I now realised wasn’t at all. Why hadn’t I done this sooner?

After walking round the room the twins led me to the bed and to Daniel who was standing at the end of it. I stood in front of him and two hands on my shoulders forced me to my knees in front of him.

“Tell me you want to suck my big black cock, Jill. Tell your husband how you want to be fucked by all these big cocks. Say it!”

“Oh God I do.” I whispered

“Say it louder Jill.”

“I want to suck and fuck your cocks all night. I want to be your sex slut” and I took his 10 inch cock in my mouth and slid my lips up and down its head as I stroke its thick length. I had given Paul oral sex before but the feel of Daniel in my mouth made my pussy soaking. Adam came and stood beside me and I felt his cock on my shoulder and Jason stood on the other side. As I continued to suck Daniel I began to wank their stiff 9 inch poles. Jason’s was much thicker and circumcised, which made it look too big to enter me later, but I knew it would. I took it in turns to suck on these black rods for ten minutes or so until Daniel said “Lift her onto the bed”

Two hands under my arms raised me off the floor and I was laid on my back in the middle of the huge bed. My knees were parted and Joe moved up, kissing the inside of my thighs until he was sliding his tongue along my wet cunt and then he touched my clitoris and I gasped. His tongue kept working its way inside my lips and penetrating me before moving back to my most sensitive part. As I closed my eyes I felt a warm cock stroke along my mouth and I immediately turned my head to take it. Looking up I saw Mikey smiling down at me as he fucked my eager mouth.

I wanted my first spunk of the night and firmly stroked Mikeys cock until, with a groan, he pulled it out of my mouth and fired his hot jism across my face. I began to cum as Joe pushed his long tongue into my pussy. I was high with the excitement and the sexual tension in the air was incredible.

As I came down from my orgasm Jason move between my legs and roughly forced his thick, circumcised cock into my bald cunt. I looked down to see myself speared by the first black cock I’d ever had and I reached out for another cock to suck. Jason rammed himself into me, lifting my hips off the bed with each thrust and burying every inch in me up to his balls. I was sucking Adam who was kneeling with a leg on either side of my face and as he came in my mouth I had no option but to swallow his spunk.

Jason finally let out a roar as he emptied his balls into my waiting vagina and climbed off me only to be replaced by Daniel who was more gentle with me, slowly slipping his big cock in and out until the head slid between the folds of my pussy and rubbed my clit, before slowly easing his cock in until I could imagine it right up in my belly. By now Carl was in my mouth. He was the easiest to suck at only 8 inches and much more slender than the rest, but what he lacked in size he made up for with the absolute hardness of his cock. It was like steel and when he came as I held it, it throbbed and pulsed in my hand as his spunk shot over my tits and face.

Daniel was working himself faster now and as I watched his ebony black meat bury itself in me I shuddered in orgasm. “Oh God yes…..Fuck, fuck, fuck me…..keep fucking me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck your cum into me…………… aaaaah!”

Daniel climbed off me and said “I think the lady’s enjoying this. Let’s turn her into a black cock slut. And with that the twins Samuel and Stephen appeared. I’d not had much chance to look at them before and when I did I gasped. They were identical in every respect, even down to their 12 inch cocks and big balls.

” Oh my God” I whispered “I’ll be too small”

“Then we’ll have to open you up, won’t we” said Daniel, nodding to Carl and Adam, who each took one of my legs and pulled them wide open.

I looked at my cunt which was already wide open from the fucking it had received and jism was running from it. Samuel moved onto the bed between my legs and I got a close up of his massive penis. 12 inches of thick blackness which had a large shiny head glistening with pre cum, 3 inches across and about to enter me. I started to squirm “No. You can’t make me take that. It’ll split me. Let me go.” I shouted.

“Hold her still.” Daniel ordered, and Jason and Joe took hold of my arms and pulled me into a star shape on the big bed.

“Let go. I’m not letting him fuck me with that.” I said to Daniel

“Shut up Jill.” He snapped “You had your chances to say no to this earlier when you said you wanted to be our sex slut and that’s what you are and always will be from now on.” Turning to Samuel he said “Fuck her. Open up her slutty little white cunt so she’ll never be satisfied again without a black cock in her.

Samuel put the head of his cock between the already well used lips of my shaven cunt and pressed its huge head into position and then slowly increased the pressure. I felt his cock harden and my pussy begin to stretch as his huge black pole invaded me.

“Oh fuck, you’re so big!” I gasped “Be slow, be slow. Oh yes! Keep pushing” and I felt my cunt open to accommodate him “Oh yes! So good. It’s so good. It’s fucking stretching me you bastard………open. Oh push ………push………. fucking push it in. Oh fill me up! Fuck me wide open! Fuck my white cunt!”

My reluctance had turned to lust as he slowly forced himself in and I realised that Daniel was right – I was, and wanted to be, their white slut. I wanted as much as I could get of their massive cocks stretching and violating me.

I felt the head slide past the tight band of muscle in my pussy as Samuel slowly buried himself in me and I started to cum. My cunt muscle squeezed around Samuels thickness and I forced myself onto him, grunting as I opened my legs wider to let him in. He pushed until I could feel the head of his cock at the top of my vagina and then he pushed more, stretching even that part of me and looking down I saw just 3 inches of Samuel still in view. As my cunt relaxed, he began to slowly move himself in and out of me, driving forwards with each thrust and forcing more of his black pole into me. As he fucked me, Carl and Adam wanked themselves over my tits only to be replaced by Jason and Mikey who fired their cum over my face and hair.

Samuels thrusts became more urgent as he neared his climax and suddenly he was pumping floods of sperm in me and I came with him again. As he withdrew I remembered Stephen. Looking at him, I said “I want you to fuck me now”

“Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fill you my way.” he smiled

I moved onto all fours in the middle of the bed and Stephen positioned himself behind me.

“Put your knees further apart” he ordered

He stroked the length of his cock all over my cunt, coating it with the jism running from my gaping hole and he rested it against my ass and started to pushed. Paul had fucked me in there in the past but this was something different. Stephen guessed that I was having second thoughts and took hold of my hips, pulling me back onto him as he stretched my anus open with his cock. It hurt but was erotic at the same time. His fingers moved to my clit which he teased as he entered me. This was the most amazing feeling I’d ever had and as Stephens balls hit my cunt lips I knew that this would not be the last time I took a big cock in the ass.

I looked for a cock to suck and Daniel presented himself to me as Stephen fucked me in the anus. I sucked him and two more before Stephen finally pumped his load in me and rubbed me to orgasm again.

By now it was 1.30am and Daniel suggested we all get some sleep as we had a busy day to come. I found out what he meant when I got my first fuck of the following day at 7.30 and then it was a free for all. Each of the guys fucked me at least four times during the day, sometimes in my cunt and others in my ass. Daniel had called some of his friends and I eagerly opened my legs to six more men that day. I wanted more when Daniel called time at 10 that night.

He drove me home, with sore and puffy cunt lips, but on cloud nine, with a bunch of DVD’s in my bag. Paul was waiting for me and wanted to know every detail. He even wanted to fuck me, but I told him that he would have to wait until my pussy recovered from its stretching so I could feel him in me.

I still love Paul and we still have a good sex life, but I am now a black cock slut and always will be. Daniel and his friends have serviced me many times and I have made contact with other groups who I fuck regularly. No, once you’ve tried black, you will always want black. There’s no going back.

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