My Wife Gets The Job Done On Time

My name is Martin Stone and I am 30 years old. My wife, quite by co-incidence, is called Sharon and we have been ragged about her name ever since we started going together. She doesn’t look much like the film star version of Sharon Stone but she is a very lovely girl just the same. She is about 5’7″ tall and she has dark hair and her figure is fairly slim but she has swellings in the right places! She has lovely breasts – not huge but good sizes – and she could be considered to be fairly quiet in nature another difference from the other Sharon.

We are having extensions done to our home and to say we are in a mess would be understating the problem totally. The rooms are to be attached to our home and the workers have had to demolish one outside wall completely. This means we had to remove every piece of furniture from this room and store it in the other rooms thus making quite a mess. The foreman tells us they could complete all the work by next Friday (today is Monday) but there are several other jobs they have to work on and therefore can’t devote all their time to our job so ours will take two weeks. We want to entertain at our home on the weekend and although it isn’t critical the room is finished for the entertainment it is certainly necessary to free up the other rooms in the house.

I have been trying my best to get the men to work for the 5 days straight but they say they have to do the other work. I am getting very frustrated with the men and feel like sacking them all – there are 6 men plus the foreman on the job at the present moment – but I realize I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face. Then the job just wouldn’t be completed anywhere near the right time and perhaps they could sue me for breach of contract! Oh, what at a mess.

Sharon has been standing in the kitchen watching what has been happening and she knows what I am going through but she has a smile on her face which irritates me. I walk into the kitchen and say, “Sharon, I don’t know if you are getting any pleasure out of this business but if we don’t get the job done soon there will be no alternative but to cancel the party next weekend. Have you got any suggestions?”

When I see this whimsical look on Sharon’s face I know she is up to something. We have been married 6 years now and I have had ample time to study her traits and I love her dearly. We haven’t started a family yet and intend to start in about 2 years but we want the freedom of no children for as long as we can. Sharon walked over to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. She also pushed her knee between my legs and moved it back and forth against my cock making it hard and she knew she was teasing hell out of me! She broke the kiss to say, “Martin you have always talked about me doing a Sharon Stone act where I wouldn’t have any panties on and show other men! How would you like me to see if I can get these men working? Would you be prepared to allow me free rein on what happens if it will get the job done by Friday afternoon?” I knew she was up to something and now I knew she would tease the men to get the job completed. Although I have reservations about who looks at my Sharon I badly want this work done so I tell her it will be alright no matter what she does to get it completed! She kissed me hard and told me she thought she could get the work done but I wasn’t to get upset when they were looking at her body or whatever else it took to get the job done! I told her she could do whatever was required and that was that! She told me she had better begin straight away.

She disappeared into our bedroom and returned several minutes later wearing a T shirt and a short skirt as well as her shoes. She looked really lovely in those clothes and it wasn’t until she kissed me again that I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra! Before I could ask her what she intended doing she walked out to where the men were working. Well, at least some of them were working – the rest were having a morning coffee break and were sitting around. She walked up to the foreman and began talking to him. Once she started talking in a whisper I saw him look at her with a surprised look on his face and he quickly moved further away from the rest of the men. They talked for about 4 minutes with him doing a lot of nodding of his head. I knew in my own mind she was somehow talking him into staying on the job.

Sharon moved away from him and now she was about 6 feet from him when she sat down on a bundle of planks. He squatted down in front of her but still about 6 feet away and she then slowly spread her legs apart and I knew instantly she didn’t have any panties on – she was doing a real Sharon Stone! The foreman, Mark, stared up between her legs for several minutes before she closed her legs and stood up. I could see Mark had a huge hardon pushing his overalls well out in front of him. Sharon gave him a big smile and then walked back into the kitchen. She had a smug look on her face and told me they would stay on the job until it was finished. I walked over to her and placed my hand between her legs and found her cunt to be extremely wet and also her hairy bush – she had been turned on showing herself to this man.

She was very proud of herself and kept sticking her chest out at me as if to say, “I am better than you!” Mark went over to the rest of the men and talked to them and I could see they were all excited about him telling his story. After about 5 minutes of talk, Mark broke away and came over to the kitchen and called for Sharon to talk to him. He told her, in front of me, that he was quite happy to stay on for the whole week but the men wanted to see something as well so could she help make them happy too? I wasn’t too pleased about this but Sharon told him she would see what she could do. She told him she would be out in a few minutes and then turned to me and kissed me hard. She told me she wouldn’t be long but that I had given permission for her to do anything to get the job done so I had better not complain about what she was doing!

With that said, she walked out of the kitchen to the group of men and began talking to them. After a couple of minutes she told them to all stand together and when she was about 6 or 7 feet from the men, she grabbed the bottom of her T shirt and pulled it up so that her breasts were exposed to the men! The men became very excited and moved to touch her breasts and at first she didn’t stop them but after a couple of feels she pulled her T shirt back over her boobs. The men chatted amongst themselves and then started work! She came back inside and I told her I wasn’t too happy about her showing them her tits but she shrugged and said, “Darling, I will do anything necessary to get the job done on time so don’t get upset!”

The men all worked hard on the Monday and did complete quite a deal of work. Tuesday morning the foreman knocked on the door when they first arrived on the job and asked to speak to Sharon. Sharon had just walked out of the bathroom after having her shower and was dressed in another T shirt and skirt and looked very fresh and beautiful. She walked out of the house with Mark and they had a talk before she walked over to the men assembled in a group and, as before, she lifted up her T shirt and stood there showing the men her breasts. This time she stayed longer and most of the men caressed her breasts. She eventually pulled her T shirt down and came back inside. I looked at her with an annoyed look but she grinned at me. I walked over to her and felt her between her legs and she was sopping wet! She was getting very turned on with these men looking at and handling her breasts. The work proceeded very well on Tuesday and we were pleased with what they had accomplished.

Wednesday morning Mark again came to the door and asked for Sharon. I knew what they would be wanting and didn’t like it one bit but Sharon grinned at me and then walked out to the men. This time she pulled the T shirt right over her head and off her body completely which left her standing there naked from the waist up! My Sharon was really exposing herself this time. She stayed with the men for about an hour during which time the men would return to work but every now and again one of them would walk over to Sharon and feel her tits. They all had plenty of feels including Mark. No one attempted to do anything to her except handle her tits and I wondered just how turned on she must be right now. When she finally came inside and I felt her cunt it was so wet she had her juices running down her legs almost to her knees! My Sharon was very turned on. Later in the day after lunch she again walked out to the men and took off her T shirt and remained like that for over an hour. Again she was soaking wet when she came inside and she actually pulled a towel from the cupboard to wipe up her juices. Just before the men finished for the day, she took off her T shirt while she was inside and then walked out to the men. Fortunately the few neighbors who were home couldn’t see what she was doing – at least we had good fences around our property. As the men finished work they washed their hands and then walked over to Sharon and handled her breasts and then reached between her legs and played with her cunt for a few seconds! Now I was really upset but I couldn’t stop her right now but I would tell her all about it when she came inside. Each man handled her and when Mark was the last and he played with her cunt and tits longer than the rest. Sharon came inside afterwards and told me she really felt good with the men playing with her cunt! I told her I wasn’t happy but she just ignored me!

Thursday morning I wondered what they would want this time. I soon found out! Sharon walked out of the bathroom after her shower completely naked and gave me a big kiss and hug and then said, “Well Darling, you wanted the job done on time and I am about to make sure the job is done right on time. You have always talked about me being with other men so just watch and see what happens now!” With that she walked out stark naked to the men! Her body is very neat and trim and she looks great. She has this lovely black triangle of hair above her cunt and that is all the covering she has – she just walked out and stood amongst the men. Of course they soon started playing with her tits and her cunt and they were getting very aroused. For the first time I noticed one of our fold-up beds was in the yard complete with a mattress! Suddenly I knew what she was going to do! She took Mark by the hand and walked with him over to the bed. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs apart and Mark immediately positioned himself between her legs and licked and sucked her clit and cunt! I could see when she came and then he had his overalls off and climbed on top of my wife and inserted his long hard cock into her cunt! He fucked my wife on the bed, not only in front of me but in front of his workers! They fucked for several minutes and Sharon was kissing him while he was fucking her and she had her legs wrapped around his back holding him in her. Soon after that he started to cum and she held him tight and he came inside her body!

They laid there for several more minutes as he played with her tits and kissed my wife and then he climbed off her body and replaced his overalls and returned to work. Sharon laid there and then one of the other men came over and he fucked her too! It was all I could do not to rush out and hit someone but somehow I kept my cool and just watched what was happening. In turn they all fucked Sharon! This meant she was fucked 7 times and of course she couldn’t hold all of the cum inside her and it began running out of her after each man. I had to admit although I hated the men fucking my wife I was very turned on by the show and my hard cock proved it.

When they had all fucked Sharon, she laid there for several minutes before she walked rather unsteadily into our home. She had lots of cum running down her legs and she looked a real mess. She came over to me and kissed me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her too. Of course I declined and told her clean herself up quickly. She walked into the shower and soon was standing under the water washing herself. When she was clean she came over to me, still naked, and kissed me and asked me to fuck her now. I have to admit I was very turned on by what I had been seeing and I had a raging hardon. I didn’t waste any time – I just bent her over the kitchen table and she spread her own legs so I could just push my very hard cock right into her cunt. She was still very sloppy but I fucked her hard just the same and soon shot my load of cum into her cunt to add to that which was already there. Sharon really enjoyed me fucking her and told me so. We kissed a lot after I had pulled out and we walked into the bedroom where she and I laid down on the bed. She was very tired and soon dropped off to sleep. When she woke I told her she had better get dressed and take it easy because she had entertained the men for the day. She grinned at me and told me she had promised to suck each man off before he left for the day so she still had some work to do! I didn’t like this one little bit but she reminded me I had told her I wouldn’t interfere so that was that!

About half an hour before the men were to finished Sharon walked out into the yard, still naked and knelt down in front of Mark and pulled his cock out and began to suck him off. It didn’t take her very long before he shot his load of cum into her eager mouth. She swallowed it all because she loves the taste of cum and then moved off to the next man. She sucked and swallowed all of the 7 men before they went home and she returned inside to me! I was very upset and this blowing of the men but I didn’t say very much. Once she was inside she knelt down in front of me and sucked my cock too and I shot my load into her mouth as well. She was very tired and went into the bedroom to have a rest.

Friday morning when the men had arrived she walked out naked to the men and proceeded to suck each man until he shot his load into her mouth. After the 7 men were blown she came inside and blew me too. I told her that must be the end of her persuasion tactics but she smiled at me and told me they were all going to fuck her after lunch! I didn’t believe my wife would ever stoop to doing this sort of thing but here she was proving she could be an absolute slut when she wanted to get something done on time.

True to her word after lunch she walked out into the yard again completely naked and each of the men fucked her on the bed before returning to their work. My very fucked wife came back inside afterwards again in a complete mess and I pushed her into the shower to clean herself up! There was no doubt we had managed to get the extensions completed and on time thanks to Sharon and her willingness to offer inducements. The job was not only completed on Friday but they finished about 2 hours before their shifts ended so they came into the house and helped us arrange the furniture and other things we had taken out of the room back where it should be. That would have saved us a lot of very hard work and we were very grateful.

Once the men had all left I took Sharon into my arms and kissed her passionately and told her I loved her just as much as I did before she fucked these men and although the job had been completed I didn’t like her fucking around with the men. She smiled at me and said she knew how much I liked watching her getting fucked. Then she told me she wasn’t finished with the men yet! She had arranged to meet them tomorrow morning and they would have another session with her as a final payment for all their hard work! I was very upset by this but she told me to get a life and to shut up moaning – at least she had been able to get the extension completed when I hadn’t been able.

Saturday morning Sharon rose early and showered and then kicked me out of bed and made up the bed ready, she told me, for her visitors. I was shocked she would bring them into our own bedroom but then I guess nothing would surprise me now about my Sharon. When the men arrived I assumed they would take turns with Sharon but she had other ideas. She took them all into our bedroom and soon she was naked (she only had on a light housecoat) and so were the men. They looked different when they weren’t in their work clothes. They all fell on Sharon at the same time. Some between her legs sucking her, others playing with her tits and sucking them too. Others were thrusting their cocks into her mouth and generally they were having an orgy with my wife. I stood in the doorway watching them playing with and fucking my wife. She had previously told them they had 2 hours and they could do anything they wanted with her. It was interesting just to watch how quickly the men were able to recover this erections once they had cum in or on her somewhere.

One of the men was sitting on a chair alongside her dressing table recovering from a fast and furious fuck with Sharon when he spotted a tube of KY jelly on the dressing table. He quietly crept over to Sharon and watched as one of the men fucked her hard. As soon as he had cum in her, the man with the KY rolled Sharon onto her belly and proceeded to pour lots of the KY into her asshole. He pushed the tube right into her asshole and then squeezed the tube and half the contents of the tube ended up inside Sharon’s asshole. Next, of course, he placed his cock against her asshole and pushed gently until his cock started to slip inside her hole. Soon he was in her asshole right up to his balls – he was completely inside her ass. He fucked her asshole and soon came shooting globs of cum right into her rectum. I know she came while he was fucking her asshole because she loved that sort of sex. Once the other men saw he had fucked her asshole they too wanted a turn. Sharon was fucked in her asshole 6 times each after the other. She had a lot of cum inside her asshole.

She had probably sucked each man off once if not more times and had been fucked in the cunt and asshole at least once by each man and with some of them it was 3 or 4 times before they were finished. She was very sore and tired when their time was up but I could see she had enjoyed all of this session and also the sex on the previous days.

It is true I had wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another man but I had no idea she would be fucked by so many men in this last week. At least the men had been true to their word and finished the job on time as well as help us with the rearranging of the room. I guess Sharon is able to get things done in a way I could never have even thought of! She won this time and I do have to admit I had a beaute hardon all the time she was getting fucked. I wonder when she will want to have more extensions done to our home?

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