Future Girlfriend Is a Party Girl

When she entered the room it was like an electric current ran up my spine. No one else seemed to notice her, but from across the room her body drew my eyes like a magnet. Not that she would’ve been ‘hot’ as society tends to define the term (she was a bit short and wasn’t anorexic enough), but my definition of “hot” has generally been a bit against the norm.

Medium height, she wore her red hair in two pigtails. Her skin was delicately pale and her body well rounded. Her stomach (slightly rounded) peeked out from the gap between her black tank top that exposed most of what had to be D tits to the world. A plaid schoolgirl-like skirt draped from her hips down to above her knees, and fishnet stockings completed the outfit.

I tried to catch her eye from across the room but she was rounded up by some other guys and they went off somewhere else in the house. Disappointed, I finished off the beer I was holding and headed off to find a bathroom. Taking a whiz proved a bit of a trial as I had a healthy boner to deal with first. But finally it subsided and I headed back out into the house to continue my so far uneventful evening. Wandering around the upper floor I came to one room with the door open a crack. Unmistakable sounds sex wafted out and I decided to have myself a peek.

It was the redhead, only now her skirt was pushed up around her waist and her tanktop was off. She also had a dick buried in her pussy, which was just now pounding in and out. In her mouth was another dick, and some guys were gathering around her with their pants down obviously waiting their turn. I knew the guys vaguely, and they seemed pretty cool, so I opened the door and slipped inside. Some people saw me enter, but no one seemed to care so I figured I’d pull down my pants and wait my turn. The scene in front of me was enough by far that I was already hard as I’ve ever been, so I gently stroked my dick in anticipation. Gently, because too vigorous of stroking would’ve lost me my load right there.

“Damn!” I thought, “This chick sure knows how to take cock!” The first guy pulled out and blew his load on her pale ass, and I nearly followed suit. Next up was a short guy with what had to be a 9″ rod! He stepped up and drove it right in no problem and started fucking her brains out. Cum bubbled out of her mouths as the rod there finished blowing it’s load down her throat and pulled back to make room for the next one. Only the next guy couldn’t seem to get his dick in her mouth because she kept shouting “Fuck me man! Blow your load in me UNGH! you’re so big! Motherfuckers I want ALL your cum oh YEAH give it to me fuck me FUCK ME!” as she came. The guy came shortly after and blew her cunt so full of semen that it leaked slowly out until the next guy plugged up her pussy with his cock.

Finally, my turn came and putting my drink down (I’d grabbed a new one) on the table beside the mattress she was kneeling on I knelt behind her and plunged my now rock hard cock in her thoroughly spermed twat. I saw her grab my beer and start chugging it down and the sight of that and her tits swinging from the pounding I was giving her was the most fucking fantastic sight I’d ever seen. I grabbed her breasts as I lunged into her and quickly blew another load in her sopping box.

Pulling out with a wet “Plop!” I stood up for the next guy just as she said “Shit guy! I fuckin’ felt you spurt!” and the guys whooped it up as they saw the prodigious quantities of cum oozing from her (I’ve always had rather large loads, a few ounces at least).

Wiping my cock with a kleenex I wandered back to the end of what was becoming a much longer lineup. By the time I got to the front again I was as rock hard as before and prepared to ride it out longer. By now fresh semen lay atop crusty semen all along her back and her hole was oozing so much cum it was almost a continuous flow.

Looking over her shoulder she recognized me and said “Hey! Jizzman’s back! You got me another beer buddy?” I handed it over and again inserted my dick in her cunt. Thrusting slowly in and out I again watched appreciatively as her tits rocked back and forth. Then I reached down and started rubbing her asshole, putting pressure on it with the cum on her ass as lubricant. She gasped as I slid my thumb in, then a finger, then two fingers until I felt she was ready for me.

“You want my dick in your ass?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah! Pound it asshole!” she blurted out.

Pulling out of her hole let out a new waterfall of cum that dripped in a puddle on the mattress. I placed my head at her backdoor and gently worked it past her sphincter. Carefully thrusting the remainder in I held it there for a moment before pulling back and pushing it back in. My resistance began to crumble at the hot, tight furnace that was her ass. Thrusting in and out a few more times I reached down and started to diddle her clit. Almost simultaneously our orgasms ripped through our bodies as I flooded her with jizz and she screamed profanities.

Again I pulled out and got a cheer for the volume of cum that started to ooze from her ass. Again someone stepped up behind her and knelt down, and again I walked to the end of the line.

I fucked her twice more, once in the ass and once just in her pussy, coming twice more and making her come again while assfucking her. After that though I was spent, but so were most of the other guys. Soon the party wound down and people started leaving. Wandering back to the room I found her still lying in a puddle of cum on the mattress, evidently passed out. Remarkably, my member awoke and started coming to life again. So, stripping off my pants again I rolled her over and lay down in front of her cum encrusted pussy. Licking her pussy brought a shudder too her, and a new gush of of juices.

Eating her was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. Here I was tongue fucking a girl while jizz ran down my lips and chin from the dozens of guys, including me who’d been banging her earlier. But disgusting as it might sound the whole situation had my dick raging and soon I knelt in front of her and again started fucking her well stretched hole. She was still passed out but she began to twitch and respond to my presence inside her. Soon she woke up and making eye contact with me she said simply “You eat a mean pussy asshole,” while I continued to fuck her.

Bending over her we fucked missionary style for a while, kissing sloppily. Then, pulling out I helped her to her feet and, lifting her leg buried myself to the hilt inside her in one motion. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I lifted her other leg which she locked behind my hips. I managed to get her back against a wall before falling and start banging away like mad. She was raking her nails down my back when I accidentally drew too far out and slammed my cock not into her pussy but her ass. And that was too much for me I shot whatever pitiful remnants of cum my balls held into her bowels as she screamed with orgasm and tried to crush me with her legs.

Panting with exhaustion we met each other’s eyes and she said “Man! You ain’t big but that was fuckin’ awesome!” Extricating herself from my grasp then she stepped down and started looking for her clothes, which had of course taken new lives as trophies for the participants of the evening’s festivities and were thus nowhere to be found.

So I took her to her house and we fucked some more. Before I knew it we were going out, which wasn’t to say we weren’t going to parties together. Only now while fucking my friends she decided to introduce me to hers. But that’s another story.

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